May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XVIII:B

I lost .4 last week....

Must have been yesterday's fantastic mother's day breakfast & lunch.

I confess to 4 days of strict max muscle dieting, and 3 days of not so strict sanity-saving munching. After the first couple of days I was feeling a little nutty. As Blair eloquently stated: it was one of THOSE weeks, which at this stage in the game IS becoming a little embarrassing. I don't know where my diet motivation has run off to, and I'm kind of tired of looking for it.

What makes matters worse, I think, is that Roscoe's birthday party is this Saturday, and EVERY day this week, I have scheduled baking. Sheet cakes, cupcakes, shortbread cookies, sandwich fillings, ice cream...this is going to be a tough week to eat low sugar and high protein. :sigh:

Still, I am determined to lose something this week, even if it's another measly .4.

This week's score: B
Max Muscle: C
Strength Training: A
Cardio: B


  1. You still lost some weight so look at it as a positive sign!!!!

  2. I hate THOSE weeks. But you still managed to rock it & keep a small loss and an A!!! Good job!


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