August 11, 2009

mmmm beer ...

On Sunday we drove to Fredericksburg in order to (finally) celebrate Jon's graduation over Sunday brunch.

Capital Alehouse, a Richmond favorite known for its "$1 burger night", recently opened Downtown and we thought M & J would enjoy trying a new place. There's a lot we miss about Richmond so it's cool that a little piece of it has moved in just South of us.

The beer list is daunting, with over 60 beers on tap alone. Feeling a little overwhelmed, we relied solely on our server's suggestions. Unfortunately, he later confessed that a competition was in full swing: the server to sell the largest quantity of a particular beer with a crazy name that I can't remember, wins an all expenses paid trip to the brewery. Of course, our server shared his intentions to win and then a clever plan to sell the prize, only AFTER he popped the top off the beer he'd pushed.

Since I'm breastfeeding, I'm not really drinking, and I've never enjoyed the taste of beer despite an honest interest. Having consumed virtually no alcohol since Roscoe was born, and not more than a sip or two during the 10 months preceding, I was feeling adventurous. With so many beers to choose from I was set on finding "my" beer.

It's a Lambic. Fruity & refreshing, perfect for these hot and humid Summer days. It comes in what looks like a mini wine bottle, and it even has a cork. I had the apple variety (Yum!), but it comes in many other fruit flavors. At $13.50 a bottle, I had only one.

Jon & Meliss

(Baby Roscoe is under the nursing cover, of course!)


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