August 5, 2009

Rock'n & Roll'n

Roscoe has been quite the baby joey the past few days (i.e., at all times he must be carried/held/laid with etc.). Today I had an outing planned with the Bradley moms so despite his desire to be catered to, part of this morning's agenda was to get showered, dressed, and made up.

Roscoe was in a cooperative mood for the most part and I was able to position him for a given activity, scurry to the bathroom to powder my face ... scurry to the bedroom, reposition him for another activity, scurry to the bathroom to put on some eyeliner--you get the picture.

At one point, I placed him on his belly in the middle of our king size bed, patted his little back, and encouraged him to enjoy his tummy time, then scurried off to apply my mascara. After about 30 seconds I heard a little fussing, turned to check him out, and what do I see?

Roscoe on his BACK! The boy rolled from belly to back all by himself! I was seriously proud!

Tonight, we also heard the beginnings of a baby giggle!

After five difficult days (I may blog about that later) it was a sweet reward to see Roscoe reach another milestone.

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  1. MY NEPHEW IS GROWING UP SOOO FAST!! He was laughing ALOT today when I was over!! He's so adorable!!


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