August 10, 2009

Knock, knock...Meaghan and Travis calling!

We had some special visitors on Saturday!

Meaghan and Travis, my colleagues and cluster neighbors, drove from DC to finally meet Roscoe! Over the course of my pregnancy they endured my many pregnant lady stories, commuting catastrophes (they even volunteered to experience it first hand and commuted home with me for a (very mature and sophisticated) slumber party late in my third trimester), and perhaps best of all, they provided comic relief on a daily basis.

They brought with them a lovely bouquet of sunflowers, and the latest scoop on the AAMC work front. It was great to catch up and while Roscoe first slept, then nursed, he eventually enjoyed some attention from his new friends.

Thanks for braving the traffic and making the trip. I definitely miss our unofficial "lunch bunches" and hallway pow-wows, but look forward to resuming our antics come October.

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