September 23, 2010

Roscoe's Turn

After so much attention on Little Sears this week, Roscoe had his 15 month appointment this afternoon--even though he just turned 16 months.

We arrived early and played outside in the (hot) sunshine for 20 minutes. Then on our way inside Roscoe tripped and cut his lip so we made a grand, bleeding entrance. After stickers and snacks he was feeling much better but his little wound continued to bleed for most of the visit.

We got to see yet another nurse practitioner that I did not care for. Do any other moms nursing toddlers get the side eye when breastfeeding is brought up? I do not get it. Otherwise, Roscoe got his vaccinations, and a flu shot--and they gave me mine too, which was convenient!

He's now in the 43rd percentile for weight, and 11th percentile for height. Little Shorty!!


  1. You mean they think it's weird that you're still breastfeeding? For real? Our pediatrician is super supportive that we're still breastfeeding, he always comments that it makes them "lean, mean fighting machines." I love it! Sorry to hear you have an icky N.P.

  2. I never nursed into toddlerhood but my pediatrician is super supportive of breastfeeding.

    Although at Miguel's first DOC band helmet, one of the NPs was weirded out when she walked into the room and I was nursing Miguel.

  3. I find it sad that they think that it would be strange. I can't speak from experience obviously but throughout most of the world breastfeeding through the age of two is completely acceptable and even the norm. I have to wonder, WHY it is so different here?

  4. Boo! Have you requested continuous care with Dr. C? He has been supportive thus far. I am upset at the nurse practitioner too :( Lillian confiscated one of Roscoe's toy cars so we need to return it to you!!! :) I hope his lip is OK! Hugs


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