September 7, 2010

A place to store your stuff

A treasured pastime for most expectant Momma's: The pursuit of the perfect diaper bag.

Luxury and function rolled into one loaded (and often expensive) purchase. Who can't relate to hoisting that baby purse over your shoulder, and imagining what a hot momma you'll be toting those tiny diapers, sweetly embroidered burp cloths, and brightly colored squeeker toys?

Since Roscoe was born, I've used the same tote bag by Dwell Studio in Gio Lemon print. I bought it because I thought it was cute and functional, and reasonably priced. It did meet my needs for the first 6 months or so, before packing and transporting food and messy snacks became part of its job description.

Then I spilled some pureed squash inside one of the pockets, managed not to clean it out properly and mold started to grow! Over time the two main compartments became filled with crumbs, trash bits, pens, and miscellaneous things like bottle caps. And a few months later, outings necessitated no less than 5 truck books, 3 trucks, and 2 cars, in addition to snacks, diapers, and changes of clothing. Suddenly my formerly adorable diaper bag was not only gross, but too small.

That's when I ditched it in favor of a rotating selection of several of my well-loved canvas tote bags, of which I have many. They do the job just fine and are more convenient at this stage than a cutesy diaper bag.

I've been thinking ahead to my second diaper bag, and have decided that this time I will seek out function over form. I know I'll have twice as much stuff to carry when Little Sears arrives and I need a bag that's easy to clean, and doesn't feature one hundred compartments in which to lose everything and collect garbage.

This tote bag made of oil cloth seems to fit the bill:

So modest, and brown. I think it will be perfect!

What's your favorite diaper bag and what features do you think are most important?


  1. I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag and also a VB backpack. Both are awesome and are machine washable.

    I like the backpack for when we go on outings because it takes up less space, plus you wear it on your back and don't have to worry about straps falling off your shoulder.

  2. This bag looks like something you would get J! I like it!

  3. Both of my diaper bags I got from the Gap/Piperlime. They are Large and have lots of pockets, and a washable inner liner. Both are by Bella Tunno. They are not ideal for toting around on your shoulder, as due to the size they get heavy fast because of course you must FILL the diaper bag. But they are cute and fashionable, yet very functional as well.
    I haven't used a Vera Bradley diaper bag myself, but I think that may be my next diaper bag purchase. I think they are cute and they seem to hold an awful lot!

  4. My oldest is 25 so its a long time since I needed a "nappy" bag but the more pockets the better I say !!

  5. Natalie: Hmmm! I hadn't thought of Vera Bradley. They have a great selection and I love that you can pick the fabric. I like the Get Carried Away Tote in Poppy Fields. It says that some of the pockets are lined in plastic--perfect!!

    Mama Tully: The Bella Tunno bags ARE really cute. The idea of a washable inner liner is very appealing! The easier to clean the better. When it comes to packing the diaper bag I'm always in a rush throwing things out and tossing things out. Spills are inevitable!


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