September 26, 2010

Baby Shop Hop

After a strange twist of events (more on that later) we found ourselves in Richmond for the weekend. We packed all of our favorite activities into two days, including my adored pastime of baby shop hopping.

A lot hasn't changed since we left the area 4 years ago, but certain neighborhoods are almost unrecognizable, and natural turnover of restaurants and boutiques has changed the look and feel by a landslide. I was left with the impression that Richmond is feeling rather progressive these days?

The weekend's best find was a new baby shop called Franklin Goose, nestled in the heart of Carytown. The storefront is a little less than two weeks old, but the owners have been successfully honing their product lines online for over a year.

Not to overlook their impressive array of feeding accessories, organic clothing, and upscale toy collection, but I was most excited about their extensive selection of cloth diapers, which I was more than happy to explore in person. After lengthy hemming and hawing I decided to add to Little Sears's fluffy butt stash an Organic Caboose size newborn All-In-One.

It's made of super soft wool (the power of wick!), and best of all doesn't require a diaper cover. ***EDIT: I've since learned that I DO need a diaper cover with this diaper. Oh, am I disappointed since that's the reason I bought it.

Since we rarely make it down to Richmond I'm thrilled that they've invested in a website so that I can resume happily perusing their inventory from the comfort of home. You should check them out!

Do you like what you see?

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  1. Cute teeny tiny diapers!!! Eeeeee!! Seeing things like that make me sooooo excited for a new teeny tiny bum to change!


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