September 30, 2010

36 hours later

The Sears house is under quarantine.

It all began yesterday afternoon when I called Andy to see if he could come home early from work to relieve me of my parental duties--I was not feeling well at all. Pregnancy? Exhaustion? I wasn't sure. He came home at 5:00 complaining that he didn't feel well either. I tried to rest but nothing helped. By 6:30 Andy and I were trading off Roscoe and alternately running to the bathroom to throw up. Oh ew.

I put Roscoe to sleep at 7:40, and Andy and I headed to bed to rest as much as possible in between getting sick. Both of us happened to be up at 12:30am when I heard retching from Roscoe's room. And then crying. Baby was throwing up too! A family event.

I brought him into our room and we set up the blow up mattress, whose pump was low on batteries and so it would only inflate the bed halfway. Uncomfortable, but we didn't have the energy to care. So we made it and slept on it.

Ten hours and ten pukes later it seemed we had finally rid ourselves of the icky barf bug. We fell asleep around 4:00am.

Today has been tough. I miss sick days before kids. I took leave from work, as did Andy, but of course our little charge still needed as much love and attention as ever. So there were no couch naps, talk shows, hot cocoa, or novel reads. Instead, we had diaper changes, snack and meal preparation, sticker art, book reading, truck vrrrooommming! and lots of toddler chasing.

My mom brought dinner by, which was a highlight and, otherwise, I just put Roscoe down for the night and took my first shower in two days--I even brushed my teeth. Rehydration has been my personal goal. Hopefully, Little Sears fared okay through the ordeal.

How do you juggle the needs of your kids and yourself when sickness strikes everyone at once?


  1. How icky! I had the flu bug when I was around 14 weeks pregnant and I just remember thinking that it should be illegal to have the flu when pregnant. I am not looking forward to having to be ill and looking after an ill child when Madame gets ill. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh girl - so sorry to hear about this! I hope everyone is able to recoup over the weekend.

  3. Uuugghh...That sounds horrible. I've felt horrible a couple times with Lillian by myself. I know its tough because you have to focus what little energy you have on their needs. All I tell myself is take out is good, doing as little as possible around the house is ok, and if the tv is a distraction for a while then so be it! Its only a little while! HUGS :)


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