August 17, 2010

Questions 3, 4, and 5!

To celebrate my 300th post, I've been fielding your questions!

Yankee in England recently asked:

Question 1: If it is not too personal of a question do you plan to have Roscoe totally weaned before Little Sears comes or will you tandem feed?

Answer: Not too personal at all! I don't plan to tandem nurse. I haven't forgotten how demanding a hungry newborn is! We no longer nurse at night, and have slowly phased out the number of times we nurse during the day to only 2 or 3--once at nap time, once late in the afternoon (for some quiet time) and/or once before bed. I do love our nursing relationship and I am saddened knowing that it will be over soon. But Roscoe is growing up, and he has plenty of nutritious food to eat. There are many ways for me to meet Roscoe's need for physical closeness and so we will focus on that as we continue this process. I don't have a predetermined time frame (or plan) for how we will achieve The Wean, but I know that we'll get there by the time Little Sears is born. Hopefully sometime this Fall or early Winter.

Question 2: [In your Header] will Little Sears "Roll" on over to join the family when he/she makes an appearance?

Answer: I love this idea, and if the Design Girl were more willing to manipulate images, I would totally ask her to do it! She did some photo-shopping work on my header, but I got a clear sense that it was not her preference.

Question 3: Also curious why the decision to have 4 children was there a reason for the the number 4?

Answer: I grew up in a family with three kids, and Andy grew up in a family with two kids. Both of us appreciate the energy that accompanies a crowd and agree completely that three kids is definite. Three kids makes a "nice-sized" family, but four tips the scale from "nice" to "large", and I love the dynamic that is essential to large families. And I especially look forward to how that dynamic changes over time, from a young family (with lots of little ones underfoot), to a house full of rowdy teens, to an empty nest with an even bigger extended family. It all sounds like a good life to me! Andy is "mostly" sold on the idea of four. Lately, five kids hasn't seemed that insane, and if I have four boys you better believe that I'll be trying for a fifth!! Now he thinks I might be crazy.

Want to ask me something? Anything? Please do!!

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I read this on my mobile phone at 2am while feeding Madame for the 396,943 time that night (or at least it felt like it!) so I completly understand the not wanting to tandem nurse

    I am number 1 of 5 and orignally swung the other way of I will have one kid and if I don't screw them up too much maybe another. My DH is on the more the merrier band wagon. A few weeks ago I thought to myself, I could definetly do that again and maybe a third time. So it looks like we will start trying by spring as I don't want huge splits between the kids.


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