August 16, 2010

Momma's Monday Check-in (6/40)

*Note: McFatty Mondays is no longer!! Instead, I will be posting Momma's Monday Check-in. Join me as I eat and exercise my way through the next 34 weeks.

Due Date: April 2011

Total weight gain: 0
Morning Sickness: YES, underlying, and lasts all day.
Cravings: Cheddar Cheese.
Sleep: Can't get enough.
I can't live without: Control top undies--I had no idea how marvelous (and comfy) they are for first tri- bloat.
I miss: My patience (which wasn't abundant to begin with)
I am looking forward to: Organizing all of Roscoe's outgrown baby clothes, stuff, and toys that are currently housed in our former guest room. I want to convert the space into an informal playroom for the next few months, until we can focus on the nursery.
Aha Moment: I tuned into The Next Food Network Star and recognized Herb Mesa, a current finalist, as MY VERY FIRST PERSONAL TRAINER when I lived in Richmond VA. Cool!! He was kind of an ass back then, though.
Milestones: Round ligament pain, already??! I had a few bouts of it in my third trimester, but now I experience them every day--getting up, sitting down, reaching for things. I had no idea RL pains might be more frequent and begin earlier in second pregnancies.
Best moment this week: Celebrating my 28th birthday! Little Sears also gave me a free pass to postpone a root canal that was scheduled for Wednesday!
Workout Recap: I have felt positively exhausted the past 5 days. Truthfully, at the end of the day, it was all I could bear to keep my eyes open and not veg out in front of the TV. Blogging required too much brainpower. Working out required far too much energy. Oh, the first trimester is a challenge! My best bet was to exercise in the morning.

I will also add that kickboxing at this stage in my pregnancy doesn't feel quite right. I spend a lot of mental energy during the class thinking about the baby, and carefully considering how and if I should modify the exercises. Then afterward, instead of feeling pumped and energized, I feel a little guilty for jostling Little Sears around. I know it's mostly mental, but I may opt to incorporate more traditional fitness classes into my routine for the next month or so--or until I feel more comfortable. The bottom line is that my ambivalence is costing me my workouts because I've kinda' been avoiding the boxing gym.

Monday--3 mile run, 1 hour Body Pump class
Wednesday--one hour boxing
Saturday--3 mile Birthday run
Sunday-- 1.5 mile family walk

Diet: I know morning sickness has kicked in when fifteen minutes spent staring blankly into the open refrigerator and/or pantry amounts to nothing more than indecision. It was my birthday week so I guiltlessly enjoyed cupcakes and other special treats, however, I otherwise tried not to eat like a hormonal pregnant lady. The nausea helped me out in that department!

Goal's for the upcoming week: Find some Bubble Tea!! Pencil in some spin classes and spend some time on the elliptical.

Belly shot:

Movement: none
Gender: unknown
Labor Signs: none


  1. I am not sure how this is possible but I bought a bunch of really nice what I would call Grannie Panties when I first got pregnant for the bloat and they made it all the way to 9 months ( I was in them the morning labour started) and fit me now afterwards as well. Worth every penny I spent on them.

    I know it is hard but push yourself to keep going on the exercise, I have up the gym in the first tri as I was SO exhuasted all the time and never made it back, I missed it dearly and can't wait to get the all clear to go back in a few weeks!

  2. Yes!! Three cheers for comfy undies :)

    Thanks for your message. I'm sitting on the couch now, instead of lifting weights at the gym, but I do try to give myself a break every now and then since I AM growing a little human!!

    I took some time away from the gym after R was born, and it felt SOOO good to get back in the swing of things when the time was right. Even just long walks outside--which based on your post, it seems that you've already checked that off your list!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the morning sickness - but the rest of your news is pretty exciting! Yay for finding just the right pair of granny-panties!

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you join us again next week!


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