August 28, 2010

Lil Joeys

For only 8 weeks, we're already feeling incredibly prepared for this baby.

We know where I plan to give birth, who will attend, and are thisclose to contracting our favorite photographer. A nursery of furniture is at the ready, as well as all the newborn essentials--including a perfectly timed seasonal wardrobe if we have another boy.

I've been trying so very hard to find something to buy to commemorate this pregnancy, but to my dismay we don't need much! And I would like to wait to find out the gender before I indulge in a few outfits and gender specific accessories--not to mention THE NURSERY!!

Out of all the baby stuff we bought for Roscoe, there aren't any items that I regret purchasing (although we did not get ideal use out of the boppy pillow, I thought it was too cumbersome for nursing), and I haven't come across many compelling new baby items released since Roscoe's birth--maybe because it wasn't very long ago.

There are some areas, however, like diapering, that I hope to improve on the second time around. For one, we were a little apprehensive at first and opted to use disposables in the beginning, in part because 80 diapers a week sounded a little daunting but also because Roscoe stayed small for so long and just didn't fit into the one-size Bum Genius until he was over two months old. Once we got started it didn't take long before we were hooked and using the BGs exclusively.

Little Sears will have a bum swaddled in cloth starting from day one.

I just bought a pair of Rumparooz's Lil Joeys. Aren't they cool?

They fit babies 4-12 pounds and will hopefully bridge the gap until our little one grows big enough to fit into the BGs. For lack of branching out, I'm a fan of All in Ones and this diaper doesn't even have an insert--sounds pretty easy to me! They also a snap down front to protect the cord until it falls off. I ordered the Kangarooz pattern for its gender neutral appeal.

I'm open to trying out new systems and I could use a boost in confidence to venture into the realm of fitted diapers.

What system did you choose for your newborn and what did you love most about it? Where did you buy them? What are your tips!?


  1. I've been thinking ahead to (currently phantom) baby #2 and his/her cloth diapers, too. I did try to cloth Bella from day 1 (or day 2 - after she got home from the hospital), but even the cloth diapers with a notch for the umbilical cord were a little too big. They would rub on it and irritate it so we didn't really do cloth until she was 2 or 3 weeks old. Then we did Kissaluvs size 0 with covers (Thirties and Proraps) until we made the switch to our BG 3.0s. There is a Kissaluvs rental system which you could consider if you want to try them before you commit to buying them for future babies. I thought they were a really good diaper.

    I've also heard that covers aren't totally necessary for newborns as you change them so frequently, so that might be a way to get around a cover irritating the umbilicus. But that seems like you're asking for trouble, you know? :)

  2. I wanted to try the Lil Joeys but they were released AFTER Miguel was too big for them.

    I used a combo of fitteds/covers and AIOs. The BG AIOs XS (fits 6-12lbs) would be perfect for diapering a newborn. I order my BG AIOs through

    Also Bummis have an Tiny Fit diaper that is also great for newborns and fit 5-12lbs. I use the Easy Fits on the kids now, they are so soft and squishy. I order them from

  3. Oh and if you do fitteds/covers, Thirsties XS covers have an umbilical cut out.

  4. Laura: Kissaluvs have been high on my list--they just look so soft and snuggly! The rental system is a cool idea and I will definitely check it out! I would be interested in seeing how things go sans covers although Roscoe had some serious blowouts within the first month or two (in pampers) and I can only imagine what that might look like in a fitted! I wish there were a cloth diaper store close by so I could see all the options in person, that would be really helpful.

    Natalie: I'd never heard of the Tini Fits, and they look like a great option. I like that they are a kind of hybrid. Maybe even easier to use than the pocket aois? Mmmm tiny diapers are so much fun :)

    Thanks for your suggestions--I'm so excited to get a stash of little fluff!

  5. I'm not a mom, but I have many friends that are! :) (and I'm inspired to use cloth when the time is right for me) I have a friend that designed her own line of diapers and sells them online...just in case you're interested:

  6. I am loving our Itti Bitti's Snap in Ones. It is an AIO but the inserts snap in(there are two or three if you have a heavy wetter) and you unsnap them to wash and dry so they dry quicker. A god send since we have a single washer dryer unit and the dryer is less than amazing so we hang dry almost everything. A big bonus is that you can buy extra inserts and reuse the cover part if it is not soiled and we almost alway get two uses out of the soft minky covers. Makes the price a little more managable.


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