December 6, 2009

Weekend update

Last week was a busy one, so when snow began to fall Saturday morning we welcomed any excuse to be housebound. I finally found time to complete Roscoe's Christmas stocking (thanks Grandma for helping with the sewing!), wrap a few more gifts for our nephews, bake some peanut butter cookies, and catch up on some reading. Grandma and Grandpa came by for a visit too.

Sunday I braved my first post-baby clothes shopping trip. I'd been putting it off for a handful of reasons to include a need for extra hands with Roscoe in tow, little interest in wasting time and money to buy clothes when I still have 7 pounds to lose, and regrettably letting wardrobe fall to the depths of my priority list as eat, sleep, and workout compete for the tops spots.

Winter rolled in over the past few weeks, and with the colder temps I realized that adding a few new pieces was necessity. Plus, I'm bored with frumping around in clothes that don't fit, and flip flops that are clearly out of season. But my biggest incentive is that I'm co-hosting a party next weekend and I'll be damned if I don't look the part.

I made out with an armful of clothes to carry me through the next couple months, and I'm pleased with how a few cute sweaters and some winter accessories can elevate self image.

This evening we celebrated Anthony's birthday. He turns 21 tomorrow which means that the three of us "kids" are officially adults. Weird. It took becoming a mom at 27 to finally see myself as an adult, but having a 21 year-old baby brother just rubs it in. I can tell time is going to fly from here on out.

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! That was kinda sad!! lol the BABY BROTHER is now an adult part!! WOW!! WE are ALL OLD NOW!! GEESE!! How time flies!! LOVE YOU!


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