December 26, 2009

Roscoe's 1st Christmas

Christmas Eve began with a visit to the North Pole. Roscoe happily sat on Santa's lap, and intently picked at the furry trim of his coat in between shots. Later that night, donning his christmas pjs, Roscoe and Poppa read some new books while I made batches of eggnog, irish cream, and chocolate cookies. My family joined us at our place after dark and brought with them a lasagna dinner that we enjoyed under the hush of a sleeping Roscoe.

After everyone was gone, Andy and I got to work. We tip-toed around by the light of the tree, strategically placed Roscoe's gifts, filled his stocking with goodies, and left telltale crumbs in place of the cookies we had set out earlier.

The magic of Christmas is back!

We went to bed with visions of sugar plums, and enjoyed three uninterrupted hours of sleep before I heard my name wailed through the dark. Roscoe slept in 3-hour intervals all night, which was a welcome gift.

By 6:00 am we were digging into our stockings, and helping Roscoe to open his gifts. We gave Roscoe a few fun things--a drum, a set of blocks, a puzzle, and a hedgehog push toy. He taste-tested each one and seemed to approve.

It is so much fun to see him play with toys that are not stuffed and don't squeak--suddenly, he seems so much older, more capable. Now we know the fun is just beginning.

After a pitifully short nap, we left for my parent's house where we gorged on breakfast foods galore, and indulged in Christmas number two. Highlights for Roscoe included a five-foot tall giraffe (just ¾ of an inch shorter than me!!), a wagon, and a beautiful quilt designed and sewn just for him by his Grandma—it’s the sweetest blankie I could have imagined with a monkey theme that fits Roscoe perfectly. I lucked out with a massage, and a few other really nice surprises.

He was immediately in love with his Giraffe, as were we!

Roscoe gave Grandma a special plate we made together a few months ago:

Back at home we lounged and waited for Roscoe’s Tippy and Poppa to arrive. We were lucky to have door-to-door service twice this year which made the Holiday completely relaxing—they brought all the fixings for a yummy brunch which we hurried to finish as Roscoe showed signs of getting tired. The Click Clack Ball Track they gave to Roscoe was an immediate hit and offers hours of future fun. He watches the balls intently now and tries to touch them as they roll down the track. It won’t be long before he’s putting the balls at Start on his own.

Andy's dad is an avid photographer and every year he puts together and dedicates to his grandsons a bound book of his favorite photos. In addition, this year he helped Andy's Nan create a memoir of her life which we read together snuggled in bed as Christmas day was winding down. As always, the sentimental and personal gifts are the best ones.

Roscoe brought an extra sparkle to our Christmas festivities this year. He brings us so much joy. I can only guess at how rich the holidays will become as our family grows. Roscoe made out like a little bandit, and we got a taste of what fun it is to bring holidays that are full of magic and surprise.

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