December 7, 2009

Christmas stocking

Roscoe's stocking is complete!

After purchasing the fabric back in October, I followed a pattern I found on The Purl Bee, Purl Soho's sister site. It was an easy project and I asked my mom to help with the sewing since I don't own a machine.

My biggest challenge now is to figure out how and where to hang the stockings this year. Our house doesn't have a fireplace so in past years I've hung them off the ledge of our kitchen island which I recently decided is too contrived. I've considered placing the stocking hangers on the edge of a book shelf, buying a stocking stand that sits on the floor, hanging them off the staircase, hanging them on the wall....

If you don't have a mantel in your home, how do you display your stockings?

1 comment:

  1. We hang ours from the stair banister since we don't have a mantel.


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