December 12, 2009

Cookie Exchange 2009

After several weeks of planning with some neighborhood girlfriends, the much anticipated cookie exchange was a sweet success!

From greek butterball, to chewy molasses spice, and a savory rosemary shortbread, we had more than 18 different varieties of cookies. Each guest shared their cookies' story which ran the gamut from family recipes, to Washington Post award winners, and ethnic favorites.

Conveniently, the party was just next door to my house so Andy took Roscoe for the afternoon and I enjoyed my first solo event.

I ditched my nursing bra and put on my hostess hat, greeted guests, stuffed myself with sweets and snacks, caught up with old friends and made a few new ones. The biggest prize was the box I carried home that was filled with a tantalizing variety of cookies that will last well into next week... or not!

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