November 4, 2009


Looking forward to the Summer and to conceiving baby number two, I feel 1) pressure to lose these last 8 pounds that are hanging on for dear life, and get in shape. Seriously. Not in shape "for a mom", but my old shape, before Graves' disease 2) I need to do something crazy and fun 3) I need a vacation.

So. First off, I think I'm going to sign up for a half marathon. Reasonable training time, challenging distance (if you just had a baby). Sort of crazy (well, not really), but maybe fun.

Second, I think I want to hike the Grand Canyon. Maybe late Spring or early Summer?

My only reservation is whether we could do it with Roscoe on our backs. He'll be about 1 by then, but sunburn and attention span are my top worries. It would be fun to visit Arizona, the hike might be a little crazy, and the adventure would certainly count as a vacation. We could fly into Phoenix, hike to the bottom of the canyon, camp overnight, hike back up, and then drive to Sedona for a couple days of rest and relaxation. Red Rocks anyone?

Another fun idea: renewing our vows in Vegas... that 5 year anniversary is coming right up!


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