November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We're back where we started at 6:30 this morning--lying in our bed. Thanksgiving dinner 2009 has been devoured, the leftovers stashed for a late night raid. Roscoe is sound asleep and we're stuffed to our brims.

Festivities began last night with an impromptu hot cocoa party. The Tahitian Vanilla marshmallows I ordered (a month ago!!) finally arrived, and I made a fresh batch of whipped cream. We also had a little caramel tasting since it seemed Have It Sweet tried to make up for the late delivery by including a bag of gingerbread caramels in my order. No complaints here. We ate an entire log of the salted caramels too.

Today we lounged early, took a drive to pick up some wrapping paper, pulled out all the Christmas decorations to get a head start on tomorrow, and wrapped some of Roscoe's gifts while he napped. It was nice to enjoy a day without chores, or thoughts of work to attend to. Our little email project was testament to how much we have to be thankful for this year, and in the context of Thanksgiving it felt special to do some everyday activities together.

Thinking back to last year when I was just 13 weeks pregnant with Roscoe, and we were free to come and go as we pleased, and stay out as late as we wanted--having a kid does change the tone of the Holidays. This year, we timed our arrival and departure to Roscoe's sleep schedule. On the upside, Thanksgiving has new meaning when a fair hued boy with saucer blue eyes and dimples to melt your heart is part of the deal. Just being out together as a family feels exclusive.

Roscoe's dinner of chicken, apples, and oats was left behind accidentally, so while the rest of us gobbled on turkey, dressing, and a buffet of trimmings, Roscoe had to make due with mashed banana. He ate some, and dumped the rest on the floor.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope yours was as relaxing and wonderful.

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  1. It was relaxing!! Roscoe was so well behaved and adorable!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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