February 26, 2015

Massing Schematics to Floor Plans: Our Modern Nature Home Design, an update

We went from massing schematics to floor plans this month!  

It’s crazy to think we ever considered going it alone to forego the expense of an architect. I'm afraid to wonder how that from-scratch design might have translated into a real life home! Scott and James surprise, impress, and excite us with their practicality, expertise, and seemingly unlimited reservoir of creativity.

After reviewing near 20 different schematics in two separate sittings to refine and combine concepts, we're now waiting on the final.

In the meantime, Andy and I are focused on getting serious about the finishes and details in the rooms we know are going to demand big allowances from our budget: the kitchen and master bedroom. We need a realistic ballpark estimate to begin to allocate the rest of the budget. This is the fun and overwhelming part! 

While we have a general idea for the look we want, there are so many ways to piece together flooring, appliances, and countertops and shelving and storage—I'm feeling a little paralyzed by the possibilities. We're hoping to snag an appointment this weekend with a kitchen and bath design company to solicit a little advice on sourcing and costs.  

We're also ordering another soil study that will inform the structural engineer on how best to design the footings. Bad soil could change the whole architectural design but hopefully everything will look good. Better to find out now than later!


  1. So exciting! Looks awesome. Kitchens and bathrooms - that's where the fun is at! Do you have a general time line yet? Like when you plan to break ground or move in?

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited to have a little chunk of the process complete. Lots more design to go, I'm guessing another 3 months before we have full architectural plans completed. Then we'll spend a month or two scoping out subcontractors and hopefully getting our construction financing in place, then another 6-8 months for build? That's my guess. So maybe in a year we'll be in our new place? It would be great to break ground in late spring early summer.


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