February 18, 2015

Work Decisions and the Evolution of my Career: Part I Work/Life/Self Series Guest Post

In a three part interview I'm answering questions from Sarah at Next Page, New Chapter on topics ranging from career to homeschool and self care.

Sarah and I worked for the same company in my pre-baby DC days and I'm so happy we've stayed connected over the years through our writing. She's a mama to one fiery red-head and balances a full-time job (and insane commute) with all her other pursuits. Like the rest of us she's curious how other mothers navigate work and motherhood.

Today in Part I she asks about the evolution of my career and what shapes my professional path.

You can jump straight to the full interview HERE.  Read Part II and Part III

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Hello readers! I want to say thank you to Sarah for inviting me to interview on these topics. I love this thread of inquiry and have always been fascinated by the challenges of work life integration and how other mother’s make their mothering and their careers work for them.

Your career has evolved from traditional (working in the basic sciences) to relatively non-traditional (doula, childbirth educator.) Can you please walk us through this evolution?

I grew up on the West Coast and moved to Virginia with my family when I was 15. During college admissions my dad and I were on a campus tour in Richmond, he picked up a brochure for the new College of Engineering and said, “Hey, you should do this for your major! You would be great at this.” I had zero intention of staying in Virginia for college so I shrugged and said sure.

As I’ve learned now, more than a few times, even the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition and, likewise, sometimes the best outcomes are fortuitous.

Read the Full Interview at Sarah's blog Next Page New Chapter where I also answer the questions Have these career choices surprised you in any way? Had you considered them prior to the birth of your first child, or did they result from your experiences as a mother?

Come join in the discussion we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on mothering and work/life integration!

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