February 18, 2015

Week 5 Creating a Seasonal Refuge: 12 Weeks to Seasonal Living

This week's challenge in the Homespun Seasonal Living Workbook is to find and claim a special spot in your home as your seasonal refuge, or a place you can retreat to reflect on your intentions in whatever season you're in.

I knew my refuge needed to live somewhere in the main part of the house so it could be easily enjoyed throughout the day—when I try to hide away or find a place of solitude the kids are distracted to seek me out and it ends up being disruptive. I also want to do the things I love to do in plain view of them.

I couldn't decide between the very cozy arm chair in the living room and staking claim to a little corner of the dining room table. I avoided my office, the most obvious opportunity for a special retreat, because it has been abandoned since I stopped working last year. For a long time it was piled high with all the random things I thought to save "just in case" I might need them at some later time, but probably wouldn't. It had become a collecting ground for miscellaneous things without a home.

After procrastinating for a couple days I decided the desk had to be it and grabbed a trash bag to begin sifting through it all.

I cleared away all the junk, wiped away the dust, unwrapped a desk caddy that I received as a birthday gift last year, and found a new light bulb for the lamp.

Then I went to Michaels for some foam board, fake flowers, and a pennant banner.  Similar to the office revamp from 2011 I used the same tutorial and made another desk blotter with the foam board. (Same fabric as last time too!)

How about you? What space will you declare your seasonal refuge and how will you claim it? 

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