January 11, 2015

Meeting with the Architect: Massing Plans for our Modern Nature Home

Yesterday morning we huddled with our architect over the four concepts that he and his team have developed for our modern nature house. In the corner of a crowded coffee shop we pored over the designs, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each in detail.

We liked one especially, as well as elements of a second, and roughly merged the two concepts on paper, in red over the original draft.

Massing refers to the general size and shape of a building. 
Afterward we walked the lot and tried to envision the size and shape of the various elements on the site: where the driveway will come through, on to where the master bedroom will look out, how our home might interact with the yet-to-be-built structure that will live next door to us. (The land adjoining ours recently went to settlement). We considered the views and vantage points, discussed which trees will need to be removed, which ones will stay, and a plan to bring an arborist to the lot at some point in the Spring to confirm.

This photo is toward the top of the lot looking down the hill.
A meeting with the City early this week will clarify the environmental restrictions mandated by the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, required because of the lands proximity to the river's watershed.

Revisions will be made to reflect today's discussion and in the coming weeks we'll meet again on the lot to stake out the actual footprint.


  1. I love house updates! Will you share the final design concept once it's complete? So excited for you guys :)

    1. Yes, definitely! I'll be sharing all the little steps as we go. I'm glad this process is broken up into tiny little steps or I would feel so overwhelmed! I think we'll get a more final massing concept in another week or two. Then...i'm not sure what happens! I think the architects will go into the details of the house and start working on placing all of the elements we identified in the program.

      I know that photo is hard to figure out what is going on, and the elevation perspective has no roof, so....but basically it's a carport on the bottom of the rectangle with the bedroom floor above it in a second story, and then the square will be the living space. Super rough schematic!

      Have you thought more about your house stuff, moving forward or waiting on it?


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