November 10, 2010

Party time!

For our second son's coming out party, we gathered our closest friends and family for an intimate dinner with a surprise twist. Every guest was asked to wear pink or blue depending on their guess. For the record, girl won by just one vote. In spite of my last minute teetering, I threw on my favorite pair of fuzzy pink socks just in time to greet everyone at the door.

We decided on a rainbow theme with tissue paper pom-poms, multi-colored gumballs, a festive striped runner, and a rainbow cake. I made a few simple, but crowd pleasing dishes and served them in white platters to contrast all the color! It was perfect for the occasion.

We ate dinner around our farm style table with animated conversation that woke Roscoe only once. I would have liked for him to be present, but the time change has him sound asleep by 6:00pm. Toward the end of dinner we were happy, and full, and looking forward to the main event: dessert and the big reveal!

Our ultrasound was earlier in the afternoon and the tech sealed up the results in an envelope that we opened in front of everyone. I love the added suspense! Inside the envelope we found a single photo with a sticky note on top. When I pulled back the sticky, I searched wildly for "It's a girl" or a three lined image, but instead found "It's a boy!" with a distinct photo to match. I teared up as I opened the envelope--knowing the sex of the baby brings another layer of reality--and the joy of another son brought on more tears as I said the words out loud.

I'm thrilled, although it is hard for me to imagine a son that isn't Roscoe. I'm also curious to know what this new baby will look like--Roscoe completely surprised us with his light complexion and auburn hair. Now I imagine that all my children will look like him, but it's not crazy to think they could be complete opposites. There is so much to look forward to, not to mention the fact that Roscoe will have a little brother just 22 months younger.

Lucky ducks, I have high hopes for these two!

Reveal parties seem to be the trend of the moment. Have you been to one? Have you thrown one? What do you think of them?


  1. What a great party & congrats on Roscoe's little brother :)

  2. Sounds like it was such a great party! I know what you mean about how knowing the gender adds something to the pregnancy. Its nice to be able to day dream about the future with your two kids and thats harder to do when you don't know if its a boy or girl. I tend to dream about having two girls, so if I end up with a boy it'll be more of a shocker for sure!
    I think gender reveal parties are AWESOME! I have only been to one and the parents already knew the gender, they just had everyone wear pink or blue and watch the ultrasound and then guess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys found out WITH your guests. We found out the gender of our first at the ultrasound and this time it is a surprise until the birth, but if we decide to find out in the future before birth, I would definilty do a gender reveal party and find out at the party with our guests like you did. I like the idea of having a cake made with the color frosting on the inside being pink or blue so you find out by cutting the cake.


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