November 2, 2010

I did it for the sticker

After work I headed downstairs, scooped up my little guy--still in his pajamas, but to his defense I basically was too--and strapped on his new boots and winter hat to head to the polls. I had to entice him with the lure of visiting a real-live SCHOOL! (or kool as he likes to say)

We only had to drive 4 minutes, which was convenient. Earlier in the day I had researched the three items on the ballot so I knew what to do when I got there (this took considerable time--I swear they are strategically worded to confuse).

Nonetheless, Roscoe and I moseyed our way from the parking lot to the entrance and greeted every passerby we met along the way.

Inside, Roscoe noticed a large panther statue and let out a big RAWR! to demonstrate his keen ability to identify animals.

We voted, we asked for our stickers, and we left empty-handed. We were told that the "I VOTED" stickers were deemed "too expensive" for our precinct. What a disappointment. I didn't realize what an impact they have on post-poll satisfaction. I even thought to myself, "Man, I got dressed, I dragged Roscoe out, I drove to the precinct, and they couldn't even give me a STICKER!?"

Really, I just wanted one for Roscoe.

Did this happen to anyone else?


  1. The whole State was out...BOO

  2. I wonder how much those stickers cost statewide? We'd probably be surprised. BUT STILL!

  3. I agree.......I just saw it was only Prince William County......what a shame....

  4. I would have saved mine for you guys if I had known!

  5. We voted at the same place! I should have invited you to out post-voting celebratory lunch at Zoe's! :) Maybe next year!


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