October 24, 2010

Bradley Halloween

The Annual Bradley Babies' Halloween party was today!! Remember last year? (scroll to the bottom for pictures)

For 2010 the boys dressed as bam-bam, a giraffe, and a skunk, while our girl Lillian brought the spirit of the season with her adorable orange and black ensemble.

Cornbread, chili, cider, and pumpkin cake were abundant. As always, it made me feel warm to catch up with the girls, and it just felt good to have our group together again, even though two of the original b-baby families weren't able to attend.

Roscoe melted my heart as a little skunk.


  1. HAHHAA! Looks like a buncha cuties! lol Roscoe is tooo cute in his little skunky costume!

  2. Today was so much fun! I am so glad you put the link up to last years photos...I had such a good laugh looking at our cuties. Thank you for sharing! Even though we don't see ya'll that often...it is good to catch up ;) HUGS

  3. What a cute little skunk! Definetly a fun idea for a costume.


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