October 28, 2010

Seventeen weeks

Our midwife resides in Maryland and travels to her clients who live in the surrounding area. I love home visits but the nature of the profession sometimes complicates scheduling.

At 12:30 this morning Susan delivered a baby and didn't make it back home until 5 am. Then she slept, woke up, and made the trip back to Virginia to begin her prenatal rounds. Our appointment was scheduled for 10, and then rescheduled for 11. In some ways I love when this happens because I get a first person account of her baby catching adventures, and I enjoy every opportunity to hear about recent births.

Roscoe and Susan were reunited for the first time since he was a newborn. It was an event that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Roscoe woke from his nap and was a little shy at first. Once fully awake, he began demonstrating his physical tricks: jumping, climbing, coloring, chewing a whole starburst. He seemed interested in Susan only after some time had passed, offering up one of his cars and also bringing books to her.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, or why I was left feeling a little disappointed. Maybe I was hoping for something along the lines of, "Oh my, you delivered me! And changed my Momma's life forever! I've been saving this hug just for you!" Ha. Perhaps next time.

Little Sears is growing right on track. The top of my uterus is almost to my belly button now. We heard the heartbeat on Doppler very clearly (in the 140's), but my attention was diverted by a suddenly tearful Roscoe, who seemed especially empathetic and concerned for the duration of the visit. It's a good thing that he'll have plenty of appointments between now and April to get to know Susan a little better.

We spent most of the hour talking about how I am feeling these days, discussing ways to alleviate exercise induced SPD, weaning, and my mini fear about precipitous labor. It's our time spent talking that I savor most about my appointments with Susan.

In other news, we stumbled on a boys name last night that hit us in the same way that Roscoe did. So, I think we have our final two contenders! One for a boy and one for a girl. And we have just 12 more days to wait.


  1. wow...I'm impressed (and jealous) that you have your names chosen already. Can't wait to hear what they are!
    It's funny...when Lilah was with us at one of my early drs apts and heard the heartbeat she started to cry a bit too. Maybe they sense how emotional it is for us and that is just how they express themselves.

  2. I can't wait to hear what the names are and to find out what little sears is! Glad everything's looking good.

  3. Might have to hear about the ways to help with SPD I had it with Madame and NOTHING helped and I was not willing to take anything for it. I did augment my life such as not vacuuming and pushing shoping carts as well as wearing a support belt but it was SO painful I was so glad when Madame was born and it disapeared. As I am already 10 lbs lighter than when I first fell pregnant and hope to be at least 20lbs less when we start trying again I am hoping that will help.


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