July 31, 2009

I heart BGs!!

Wow, long time no post!

With one week under out belts, I would give Bum Genius cloth diapers 4 stars (out of 4).

I used BGs during the daytime when we were at home, and disposables for outings and overnight. Roscoe typically goes through 8 diapers a day. We have 12 BGs, so I had to wash them about every other day in order to keep up with him.

This is how we do it
1) Remove dirty diaper
2) Secure velcro tabs
3) Remove insert and place both the insert and diaper in a plastic bag
4) When all but one or two diapers are dirty, take the bag and dump the ENTIRE contents into the washing machine
5) Add 1/4 the recommended laundry detergent and wash in COLD
6) Wash a second time in HOT with an extra rinse cycle
7) Dry on warm
8) Restuff the diapers

I've found the whole routine to be very simple; the diapers are so easy to use, they wash really well, and we've had no leaks so far--unlike with the disposables. Plus, I think Roscoe looks pretty cute!

I did realize that I need more inserts (so I can stuff and reuse the diapers that are only wet), and two wet bags for our disposal system. We'll go another few weeks and if I still love them we may buy another set of 12.

Who knew dirty diapers could be so much fun?!


  1. I am glad that you love BGs. They are very wonderful. You will have to try out the organic BGs, they are also awesome!!

  2. He does look really cute in all the colors! Glad you found something that works for you so well!! YAY for REUSABLES!!


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