July 12, 2009


Over the July 4th weekend, Roscoe and Mack got to hang out for a second time. Isn't Mack sweet? Thanks to one very squirmy subject, even with two cameras this was the best shot we got!

Growing up, I always wished to live closer to our extended family. The Ragos kids have some great cousins on the Smith side, and it would have been nice to have spent more time with them when we were little. Now, I wish the same for Roscoe; despite the distance, it would be so cool if the Dietz/Sears boys could see each other often enough to really become buddies.

We're all looking forward to welcoming Mack's little brother in November. With the red hair gene dominating so far, who guesses that cousin #3 will be another redhead?

1 comment:

  1. OK... MACK looks FREAKIN CUTE in this picture!! lol I Love his side swept hair! This piture is cute!


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