July 2, 2009

Time and Money

While some women shop for shoes, purses, or other fashion accessory, the object of my shopping affection has been for a long time paint chips, textiles, and upholstery. I love agonizing over the details of shade, shape, and form vs. function.

Shopping for items to furnish the spaces in which we live has always been somewhat of a hobby for me. And I never bring into the house a thing that I don't love.

When we found out we were expecting, our attention turned from the communal living spaces to Roscoe's nursery. We had been dreaming about the look and feel of his room long before he was conceived when we encountered an inspirational find from Richmond's favorite toy store: a sweet, hand knit bunny made of wool. With his purchase, our color scheme was born. From there, we scoured stores online and on foot to piece-by-piece create a cool, eclectic, nature themed space fit only for our little one.

Now that Roscoe is here, I spend a majority of my day perched on our bed nursing, napping, or keeping Roscoe company while he sleeps. With all this time spent idle, I've become quite good at surfing the Internet one handed. With the nursery complete, a house that's practically full, and a new baby, I've quickly found my way in the baby marketplace.

We'll have to tip our fed ex and UPS delivery men well this Christmas!

A few of my recent favorite purchases:

Twirls and Twigs seahorse recycled cotton blanket
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
Picky Stickies

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