July 19, 2009

Bradley Reunion!

Today we drove out to the country (i.e., Gainesville) to attend the reunion of Bradley Class 09'. We had a potluck barbecue and spent the afternoon asking and answering questions like, "Oh, how old is he/she again?", "How much does he/she weigh now?", and "How is he/she sleeping?"

We admired each others babies, exchanged new-parent gripes and advice, and shared our birth stories. And the husbands finally got to hang out too!

Bradley Class 09'
From left to right: Andy, Jacqueline, & Roscoe; Jack, Jacqueline, & Jonathan; Emily, Gunner, & Steve; Katie, Sammy, & Brian; Heidi & Lillian; Mark, Angie, Evan, (and their other two children!)

Heidi (our instructor) with all the babies!
From left to right: Lillian, Evan, Gunner, Roscoe, Sammy, Jonathan

1 comment:

  1. This is cool to see all the babies together! Of course little Roscoe is crying!! lol poooor babe!!


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