June 11, 2009

Splish Splash!

One of my favorite (and most anticipated) baby purchases was the baby Wash Pod. The Wash Pod is different from other baby bathtubs in that it resembles a small trashcan, and submerges the little one up to their neck in water, offering a "womb-like environment".
We were drawn to this product with visions of screaming goose-bumped babies at bath time, and liked the idea of making it more enjoyable.

Before today, Roscoe and I have just taken our baths together, which he LOVES! As soon as I bring him into the water, he completely relaxes, and practically falls asleep!

But, Andy and I were excited to try out the new tub as part of our routine for tonight. So we brought out the Wash Pod, filled it up, and plopped Roscoe in.

He really loved it, at first.

We had some issues with the water level and realized we needed to pour some of it out. So out came Roscoe who had to wait while the water was readjusted, which he didn't like at all. Once we put him back in, he gulped up some water and had a coughing fit, so I had to pull him back out again. Then we washed his hair, but by the end of it he was screaming so much we felt like we were torturing him, so we called it quits.

We have decided to stick with bath sharing for now, and will bring out the Wash Pod when Roscoe is just a little bigger (and has better head control).

A picture taken before the bath time melt down occurred:


  1. YAAAAY!!!!! I was wondering when you were going to post new and updated pictures!! He looks like a real baby now!! HAHA... His hair is SOOO red too! I love it!! You look beautiful by the way!!

  2. Yes, dad and I are enjoying the pictures and stories...we agree you look fabulous and Roscoe is the cutest! Dad likes seeing his eyes!


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