June 3, 2009

No small feat

Roscoe and I experienced our first successful (solo) outing today!

After a morning of preparation that included two diaper changes, two feedings, one change of clothes and a half-nap interrupted by another feeding, I managed to safely transport a sleeping Roscoe to the mall (of all places) where I met up with Katie and Heidi for a suburban mom power walk...

We also got to try out the stroller for the first time. With only one desperate phone call to Dad, I figured out how to open the stroller and attach the car seat adapter.

Roscoe was a gem and slept for the duration of the walk, in fact, he remained asleep long enough for me to stop in at Wegman's to grab a few items. Ahhh....right now, the small things in life are highly rewarding. I've been feeling very cooped up and unproductive the past two weeks :(

But, today was a good day in that I had a reason to get dressed and out of the house, and we proved that with a little planning it is indeed possible to venture out of the neighborhood for a little fun.

In the near future I hope to
1. Get my butt back to the gym
2. Start pumping so I can earn some time that won't be spent attached to my son
3. Enjoy a date night with Andy--I'd love a restaurant meal and a rated R movie


  1. Dad and I can babysit...:)

  2. Yes. But apparently no bottles for another 4 weeks...bummer.


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