March 22, 2012

Family Photos, Spring 2012

We met up with Mel for a celebratory photo shoot the afternoon before Merritt turned one.

We played around the house for a while before heading out to Carytown for our birthday tradition of ice cream and a visit to the toy store.

Mel writes a blog post for every one of her photo shoots (and creates a slideshow too!). The anticipation that precedes receiving the combo in my inbox is our favorite part. You can read her post about us here, and I hope you get a chance to check out the slideshow too!


  1. Gorgeous family photos! I love the ones at and outside the toy store...what a fun back drop! I also love the ones of them wrestling on the bed. My kids LOVE to jump and play on our bed so I feel like those photos will be a fun reminder of these early days years from now.
    You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I really enjoyed Mel's blog and all the photos! I'm glad I got more of a glimpse into your new world :0) The colors are amazing and your new home and and location provide for some stunning backdrops.

  3. Friend I forgot about your blog! I havent checked google reader in ages because I HAVE to clean out all of the ones that I dont need to be reading.

    I cant believe how big your boys are. And that hair! I thought it was a wig for a second ;) Beautiful photos!

    Happy to be back and catching up with you again :)


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