March 2, 2012

Time and Knitting

It's taken me almost three years to get here, but I've found that carving time and space out each week, to do with however I please, makes me feel more balanced and whole. I have to believe that a more peaceful self translates to a more present and patient mother, and hopefully a more giving wife.

I've made a point to ask for what I need, and so every weekend I've been getting 3 or 4 hours--usually overlapping the kids' naps. Sometimes I go to the coffee shop up the street to drink tea, catch up on my reading, and work on various writing projects.  Other times I go out to run errands (alone is a rare treat!) and then come home to take care of a task that I would never find time for otherwise, like organizing my digital photo files.

This Saturday begins a three week course in knitting at an adorable little shop called The Yarn Lounge. Highly inspired by most everything that comes through my RSS feed from the Purl Bee (like this big knit rug), and also my blog friend over at the Maiden Metallurgist who knits for fun in between work and snuggles with her little guy Henry (check out her archive for more on her projects), I am looking forward to learning a quiet and portable craft that involves gorgeous yarns of all colors.

I'm told that I will learn the basics and, if all goes well, finish a scarf!  I picked that vibrant hue of blue in pure merino wool because it made me think of Spring.

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