June 7, 2011

Do we have a case of the twinsies?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


  1. OMG! LOL They ARE TWINS! lol I had to take a double look at BOTH sets of pictures to find the Roscoe and the Merritt within them! lol Aww! Weird! <3 <3 <3

  2. wow...YES! That's so crazy! I was convinced mine were going to look exactly alike because their ultrasound pics were so similar, but they don't look all that much alike out of the womb. And I remember you saying that you kiddos looked totally different on their ultrasounds...but they look identical in real life!!

  3. Their dimples are on opposite sides, and Merritt has a a cleft in his (double) chin but, otherwise it's kind of freaky to look through roscoe's baby pictures, because it really could be either of them!

  4. Wow, twins for sure! That's amazing!


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