June 9, 2011

Good News.

My doctor called us at home late Wednesday night to tell me that the biopsy results were indicative of a fibroadenoma--a benign growth. I am relieved and feeling a lot but haven't yet had time to really process my thoughts.

While she mentioned that biopsies carry a 5% sampling error, she also said that the radiologist and pathologist were each confident that they biopsied an adequate amount of tissue from all areas of the tumor.

It is their practice to order a follow-up ultrasound, just to be on the safe side. Mine is scheduled for September. In the meantime I will take extra care to watch for any changes.

Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement.


  1. THAT is amazing news. I am so relieved for you:) I am a new reader and my heart broke when I read that.. Have thought about you a lot. I have a 10 month old and i kept thinking... what would I do?
    Sleep better tonight... you can breath

  2. Yay!! So happy for you, big sigh of relief!

  3. That is such wonderful and fabulous news. I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions you have been on for several months now. I hope this summer is a chance for you to just BREATHE and relax (uh...relatively speaking!) and live life away from any hospitals. So happy to hear this.

  4. That is great news!! I had the same thing and had it removed back in 2000.

    I am sure you are relieved!

  5. GREAT news! What a relief. Enjoy your weekend :)


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