February 10, 2010

Will you be his Valentine?

I bought these cool valentine's from Etsy. Cool Mom Picks (one of my all-time favorite blogs) hosted a competition a few weeks back and the 12 winners' designs are included in a printable pdf for just 3.99--every penny goes straight to the Children's Heart Foundation. True love, all around.

I printed the designs on cardstock and colored them, Roscoe added a few crayon strokes and used his feet to "paint" them with watercolors, and we finished them off with some strategically placed glitter.

There couldn't be a better day to pull out the art supplies because IT'S SNOWING again.

While Roscoe did take his art very seriously (at times), in truth their was more crayon chewing, sucking, and throwing than anything else! The Splat Mat was a huge help.

Roscoe's very first art project was a sweet one. Now we're all set for Saturday's Baby's First Valentine's Day party (I'll be sure to post pictures!). A few other special people can look forward to receiving a little art love from Roscoe as well.


  1. I love this!! How FUN!! Wish I could see these 'firsts' that he keeps having!! I may come up this weekend and see you guys!!

  2. Hey if you're in town Saturday you can come with me to the baby valentine's day party :) Starts at 11! And we're having brunch!

  3. What flavor are those crayons?


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