February 15, 2010

McFatty Monday VI: Fail

Two back-to-back snowstorms left me housebound for all but one afternoon last week. As a result, boxing, weight lifting, and food tracking were replaced by insane consumption of all things on the list of diet saboteurs.

In an effort to own the choices I've made over the past two weeks, and to get back on track, I stepped on the scale: + 3 pounds. ew. ick. poo.

Losing control of my workout routine was a big disappointment. I'm a catastrophic thinker, and my approach to diet and exercise tends to be all or nothing, which I would highly NOT recommend! If I've learned anything about weight loss over the years it is that persistence is mandatory. I set myself back when I reacted by abandoning the piece of the plan over which I still had control, and at this stage in the game, is probably most important to my success.

After some reflection, I'm empowered knowing that this weight loss journey--this adventure back to fitness after baby--is mine, and that I have only myself to answer to.

"Cheating" or choosing to eat three slices of cake instead of (and/or in addition to) a real lunch only hurts my progress toward the goals that I've set. And since improving my strength and fitness remain at the top of my list, I'm consoled knowing that while a week away from the gym is not ideal, two weeks of a diet derailed doesn't minimize my gains realized at the gym. So all is not lost!

Same goals as always this week!

This week's score: F
Cardio: F
Strength Training: F
Weight Watchers: F


  1. Determination to succeed - A+!

  2. I agree! A+ for determination! It's all about being present and realizing when you've gone off course.

    I'm back on this week and trying to funnel all of my energy into myself. Strong BODY -> Strong MIND -> Strong SOUL!


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