February 22, 2010

Mcfatty Monday VII: D+

No gains or losses this week, which actually feels like success considering I didn't track my points or make the best choices when it came to food. Devilish chocolates and impromptu birthday treats. Oy! I'm a slacker compared to Blair, who in the same amount of time has already lost 18 pounds. Where'd my competitive streak run off to?! Honestly, I think I was in need of a little incentive. Now I have a working deadline! May is just a few months away and I have pep in my step (and a twinkle in my eye).

Anyway, boxing continues to be an outlet for me in the evenings--I really, really, love my time there and I've again increased the weight that I can lift, so there's some progress!

See you next week with some measurements and an official weigh-in!!

This week's score: D+
Cardio: A
Strength Training: A
Weight Watchers: F

1 comment:

  1. See, & the competitive edge in me is looking at your working out & going, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, BLAIR! I need to use you as inspiration to get my rear in gear.


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