February 3, 2010

I guess you're just what I needed

My passion for cooking has taken a back burner to Life, and with very little free time for anything at all, I've not kept up with my wifely duty of preparing and presenting hot meals on a nightly basis. When hunger strikes, Andy and I subsist on whatever we can forage for and assemble quickly, and with minimal effort. I muster enough energy to replenish Roscoe's freezer stash, and Andy is left to fend for himself. Every now and then I manage to cook some form of protein early in the week, and to boil a pot of rice. Otherwise, it's catch as catch can.

With the exception of a few days a year, if I'm not cooking it, we're not eating it.

So you'll understand then, what a treat it was when I opened my front door this morning to find a girlfriend of mine bearing all the components needed to assemble (just for me!!!) a full on breakfast of blueberry pancakes, sausage, eggs with cheese, bananas and pineapple, and fresh pressed OJ...no one has cooked much of anything for me in months, and her effort was as nourishing to my belly as it was to my soul. Sometimes a new mom (can I still call myself that!?) just needs to feel pampered. Mission accomplished.

& diet derailed. But if I was going to blow it, I'm glad I went out with a bang.

If there's one way to my heart, it's through something tasty. I'll be sure to pass on the love to someone else in need of a pick-me-up.

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