September 20, 2011

Merritt is Seven Months Old!

Our little Merritt boy turned 7 months on the 18th. The newborn phase is officially over.

(Ooweee, it was a long one!)

Just a month ago Merritt was still a snuggle-lump but his six month birthday brought a lot of changes. A few days before, he cut two new teeth and then, a week later, he started sitting up.

Now he's a chatter box.

A growth spurt last month brings him just under 16 1/2 pounds--he's quadrupled his birth weight!


  1. I love that top picture! (The others are pretty good too!) He has grown so much in the past month.

  2. So cute!! And he looks so big. Happy 7 month bday!

  3. WOw! That's amazing, so big! And he is so cute...I love his new hair growing in too!

  4. Wow! What a big boy, and so mature-looking!

  5. Sooo cute! Can't wait to see that big boy!


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