September 28, 2011

Nature Boy

Nature walks serve as a relaxing all-season activity when we find ourselves with a free hour or two, any time of day. Roscoe loves the opportunity to kick around in the dirt and to explore trails that seem without end. I savor the quiet calm afforded by a leisurely stroll beneath trees that make me feel small again, too.

I found this post, written in May 2011, buried in the drafts of my blogger cue. Grab your little one, find an open space and get out in that cool air to gather a few treasures of your own.

We took a nature walk last week.

We walked,

and walked,

and stopped whenever and wherever something looked interesting.

We gathered found items as we went, plopping them into our pail.

At home Roscoe placed each of his finds onto a sheet of contact paper (even the dead worm!) and we sealed it with another piece on top to create a souvenir.

Fearless! With an ant between his fingers.

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