March 3, 2011

small steps, big gains

After a long and trying week, last Saturday night came at just right the time.

Andy and I had a "date night" at the NICU. One of our favorite nurses was on shift, and three big things happened: Merritt's parenteral nutrition was discontinued, his IV was taken out entirely, and his nasal cannula was removed.

Finally, we could really see our baby.

Andy and I gave Merritt his third bath and then we dressed him for the first time ever. If you're in the market for super sweet and oh so tiny preemie clothes you must check out Early Birds' organics or sunny days collections. I'm in love. Baby Gap also has a basics line for babies up to 7 pounds. We ordered a little wardrobe for M and they fit him surprisingly well, considering he's just over 4 pounds.

Since Saturday, progress has been slow but steady. His feeding schedule has changed from "continuous feeds" (milk fed through a feeding tube continuously 'round the clock), to "compressed feeds" (milk fed through a feeding tube over two hours, with a one hour break in between; and then the following day a feed over one hour with a two hour break in between), and yesterday he advanced to "bolus feeds" (1 oz. of milk fed all at once with approximately three hours between every feed). Merritt has responded well to every step.

Today he nippled all of his food, and didn't require any tube feeding. He also gained 10 grams, which is a good sign.

Hopefully, his doctors will be impressed in the morning, and we'll get to take the next step forward.

No definitive answer on when Merritt will get to come home, but I'm feeling confident that by no later than this time next week we'll be introducing Merritt to his big brother Roscoe.


  1. That is such great news & I am sure that he is the most stylish baby in the NICU!!

  2. "Finally, we could see our baby." This statement brought tears to my eyes.
    He is doing so well! Keep up the good work, baby Merritt!

  3. What wonderful news. I'm so happy for you, and for Merritt. Keep getting strong little guy!


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