March 15, 2011

good times

On days when I feel terribly sick for home I watch the slideshows that Mel, our photographer, put together of the three of us over the course of Roscoe's first year.

If you've been following us for a while you might remember the photos from Roscoe's two week shoot.

I think Roscoe and Merritt share a lot of features. Merritt seems to have a different nose, and of course he's missing some baby fat.

Enjoy the photos here (and turn up the volume).


  1. Awww that is so sweet, I cried through at least half of it. Makes this frugal gal reconsider maybe splurging on a photographer for something like that =).

  2. You should do it! It's so worth the money. :) Roscoe's birth photos are my most treasured, but all of our photos from our shoots are so so special. Of course we take tons of pictures, but there's something so great about seeing yourself through a professional's lens.

  3. Sent you an e-mail regarding the apnea monitor - happy to talk further!


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