March 11, 2011

3 weeks, a quick update

The big news from the NICU is that Merritt not only breastfed without additional supplementation for the past 72 hours, but he finally gained weight!!! It's a big deal, and I'm so relieved.

Yesterday he gained 10 grams, which triumphantly proved that Merritt and I are working well together and that my milk, alone, is enough to make him grow. It did fall 5 grams short of the 15 gram target that has been set but we're really more concerned with his growth trends not the daily tallies. Plus, a gain is a gain.

Then, tonight's weigh-in revealed a 45 gram gain. Ah-mazing!

Looks like we will be breaking out of here early next week. We've been told Wednesday, at the latest. And that's the date I'm going with. We'll be pleasantly surprised if we get to go home earlier.

Now I must find a way for our photographer--initially intended to capture Merritt's birth--to make room for us on her calendar to capture our homecoming.

I cannot wait to see Roscoe's reaction when he meets his brother for the first time.


  1. That is awesome! I found breastfeeding at the NICU so challenging. Sounds like yours might be a little more progressive!

  2. Hi Jaqueline! I am so happy to hear the good news :) Wish I could have come for a visit but I have had Lillian 24/7! I look forward to a reunion after everyone is happy at home. A big hug to all of you...You are almost ready to bring Merritt HOME!!! YAY! And awesome job with the breastfeeding! Merritt is so lucky to have a persistant momma :)

  3. Go Merritt! I'm so happy for you all and glad to know that all of your hard work has paid off. Merritt is so lucky to have you all as his family! Love to everyone!

  4. WOW! Go Merritt!!!! Its been a long journey but it's winding down now! You should all be proud of all the hard work, energy, and time! Can't wait for the homecoming! <3 <3 <3

  5. Way to go Merritt AND Mommy!! BIG gains!


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