February 17, 2011

Little Lion Man

When Roscoe was born he received from his cousin Mack, London, a mini blabla dog. It's become one of our favorite stuffed toys, and I've since gifted several to my friends with new babies. Blabla dolls are so soft and lovable, and they have appendages the perfect size for babies to grasp. Roscoe sucked the ears of his so often that they are permanently Pippy Longstockinged.

One of Little Sears's middle names will be Leonidas, which translates to little lion or lion man. This is a nod to both my Greek heritage, and to the Leo zodiac which describes this moody Momma to a T.

Of course, if Roscoe has such a special friend, Little Sears should get one too. It seems that Charles already fits right in.

And because we haven't bought the baby many special things that are just for him, I was happy to indulge in this sweet little knit cap--it will be adorable for his newborn photo shoot.

1 comment:

  1. My daughter has a blabla doll as well, Bubbles the Cat....they are so soft and squishy! A perfect little snugglie for the new babe :) And the matching hat is ridiculously cute!


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