December 22, 2010


The Magic Kingdom was a madhouse Monday afternoon. The four of us, with two little ones in tow made it through the front gates around 2:00, when morning naps and full bellies gave everyone the best chance for a happy experience.

I've never been to Disney at Christmas time and Main Street was decked out for the Season. We weren't the only ones who thought a Disney trip in December was a great idea; the streets were so packed we could barely navigate. The MVP of the day (and possibly the trip so far) was my new Sakura Bloom sling. I can't believe we survived the infant stage without it, but I'm so happy that we finally have one because Roscoe camped out in it all day. He was snug and content, enjoying the view and the people from the safety of my arms. Besides the minor balancing act that I had to perform to manage my belly and Roscoe without toppling over, I was so grateful we threw the sling into our pack at the last minute, "just in case".

Pirates of the Caribbean was a surprising hit--we kept things cheery by keeping the focus on the animals--and Roscoe just could not contain his excitement during the Jungle Cruise, and The Tiki Room. We stayed until the sun set, then made one last stop at the Main Street Confectionery for pumpkin fudge, caramel apples, and Mickey shaped rice crispy treats. We made it home just in time to usher Roscoe into the tub and then tuck him in for the night.

The temperatures have been in the 70's, and besides the bird of paradise in our villa that we decorated with white lights, and the stockings we hung in the living room, it's too easy to forget that Christmas is just 3 days away.


  1. How amazing are linen RS! You look great wearing it. Madame loves hers still it was one of my best investments!

  2. Looks like soooo much fun!! Roscoe looks happy and so does his Momma and Poppa!! YAY for Christmas at DISNEY!!

  3. So fun! I can't wait to take Allie to Disney!

  4. Looks like you are all having fun!!


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