December 10, 2010

23 Weeks

Roscoe and I set out for Maryland this morning to meet with my midwife for a third prenatal appointment. As many times as she's been to our house, we've never been to hers and part of the deal to work together again was to share the burden of travel. The drive took just under an hour and traffic was a breeze.

Susan greeted Roscoe with a basket of toys (that just so happened to be vehicles of all kinds--perfect!) and he was content for most of the visit. We chatted some about my diet and how I was feeling. She followed up on my hip complaints from our last visit, and we further discussed the evolution of the nursing transition as well as our intent for Roscoe to attend the birth of his little brother (assuming that he wants to be there, and assuming that he isn't asleep).

Little Sears had a heart rate in the 130s. Roscoe was very interested in the Doppler and listened intently at first when we could hear the heart tones. Then he started exclaiming, "baby!, baby!", and "see? see?" I told him the baby was in my belly and that it would be a few more months before he could see him, realizing as I spoke that months are pretty intangible to a boy his age.

My fundal height measured 25 cm (instead of the expected 23, one cm for every week of the pregnancy), which is nothing to worry about but I'll be curious to see how it measures at our next visit. I measured "big" with Roscoe at several points throughout the pregnancy but babies have growth spurts too, or perhaps his positioning was a little lopsided. In the end, all was well.

Susan felt for the position of the baby and noted that he is head down already, and unlikely to turn at this point. I asked her if she delivered breech babies and she said no, so hopefully he stays put!

My next appointment is scheduled for mid January, which feels just around the corner. I'll be 28 weeks by then, and the gestational diabetes screening is on the agenda. Yum. Last time I got to drink peach/mango nectar. It was delicious.

That's all for now, folks!


  1. hi,

    saw your comment on maiden metallugist, nice to find another "natural parenting" mommy blog!

    do you remember the names of any birthing videos you watched so I could netflix them?

    I get the same feeling about my husband, that he will be more interested as we get closer to the date. It still seems impossible to me, to have a baby, so must be even more abstract for him...I try to remember that, but it's hard sometimes, being the pregnant one and feeling like nothing has changed for the other person yet!

  2. Hey there! I actually watched all the birth videos in my bradley class...I wonder if they're on youtube!? I'll check! I assume you've watched The Business of Being Born?

    I think the literal fact that we're growing another human being inside our bodies is an intangible concept for the most part. Even this second time around it's been a challenge. It's such a fascinating state and there's really no describing it. I'll see if I can drum up some good videos for you :)


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