April 21, 2010

More Parks Please!

In my recent pursuit of quality local parks I struck gold when I discovered this brand new one "for future marines" and part of the National Marine Corps Museum. It has a tot lot, an obstacle course-inspired playground for older kids, and a swing set with baby seats. The location is heavily wooded, which offers a lot of shade, has a picnic area, and includes a fitness trail.

We've been several times already!

Tot Lot

Oh, hello.

Roscoe & Poppa

Roscoe & Momma

Prepare for a thrill!

Whooooeeee! (Roscoe's only slightly impressed)

A visit to the park is not complete without a parking lot diaper change.
Roscoe's thighs are contemplating the start of a mini version of mcfatty monday!

1 comment:

  1. HAHA! As I was going through the pictures all I could think was "Geese that boy's getting chunksters again!!" Then you wrote that his thighs were gonna start a mini version of Mcfatty Mondays!! LOL I thought that was funny.


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