April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XIV: D

No losses, no gains and I'm holding steady at 146. It's a relief, actually, after a not so good week. I started off strong, but didn't count points over the weekend. I'm not sure why.

To remind myself how far I've come since Roscoe was born, I pulled up my graph from Weight Watchers Online:

37 pounds total. Not bad!

I also enjoyed cooking several recipes from Secrets of a Skinny Chef, including macaroni and cheese with shredded chicken and cauliflower (only 6.5 points for a cup and a half!), butternut squash soup with coconut, salmon with a peanut-ginger glaze, and I made granola bars for the first time ever! Roscoe is more or less eating everything now, so he got to join in on the fun too. More yummy recipes slated for the upcoming week. I seem to be able to find time to cook again, which is a huge relief because I really missed it!

As for the gym, I'm still on 4 days a week at la boxing, and after negotiating prices with a personal trainer I'm now deliberating what schedule will make the most sense. The girl I plan to train with (I've never trained with a girl before!) suggested 3 1-hour sessions each week for 8 weeks. Honestly, I'm not sure that I can fit in 4 boxing sessions and 3 weight lifting sessions given that I have Roscoe during the day, and typically box four out five weeknights--unless I want to give up both weekend days and one morning during a day that I'm not already scheduled to work. Not to mention that lifting with a trainer and THEN boxing in the same day probably won't allow for very much recovery between workouts.

So for now, my plan is up in the air. I'm curious what kind of results I would see with 3 boxing and 2 weight lifting sessions--which just sounds a lot more reasonable. The most important thing to me is to maximize the time that is left between now and early June. I want results, so maybe I'm willing to endure a maniacal schedule knowing that it won't last forever. But some days I feel like Andy and I both need every bit of time we can find to relax and visit with each other, so I can't decide.

To recap my goals for the next couple months (but geez, I hope it doesn't take that long):
Goal 1: 142.5 (what I weighed the day I found out I was pregnant with Roscoe)
Goal 2: 138 (what I weighed the day I married Andy--5 years ago, THIS month!)
Goal 3: 135 (just for fun, a nice round number)

This Week's Score: D
Cardio: B
Weight Watchers: D
Strength Training: F

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  1. ahh, I'm jealous that you're finding time to cook! Way to go!

    and you have come a loooong way!


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