April 26, 2009

The infamous 35/35!

Today marks the completion of 35 weeks--only 35 days to go!

Two Thursdays ago, after waking up to a "different" shaped belly, my midwife confirmed that Baby S had indeed "dropped". Three days later I lost my mucus plug, which kicked off a week of random but consistent cramping. Coupled with the realization that I'll be full term next Sunday, we felt it was time to get serious about the fact that sometime (hopefully, soon) our son will be joining us, and it was a good reminder that we still have a short list to address before he arrives. This week Andy installed the car seat bases; we interviewed and selected a pediatrician, organized and cleaned several cluttered areas of the house, and shifted our focus to emotionally preparing for labor and birth.

1 comment:

  1. Love that you are doing a blog! Good for you. I will check back often for sure! I can't believe your little baby boy will be here so soon! That is awesome. I hope you are doing well! :)



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